(im)perfect quest for love

Hilarious and flawed stories about my personal dating life

Well first of I was what you call a late bloomer. I had no boyfriends besides a boy at age 5 that used to send me home crafted posts every now and then. Needless to say as for physical intimacy there was none… it wasn’t until I turned 16 years, after a period of awkward puberty tendencies such as putting toilet paper in my AA bras, ducktape under my arms to sweat less, not the least a failed attempt to style my eyebrows using my mom’s razor, leaving half my brow shaven of. I tried to cover it by drawing the brow back with permanent black marker… not such a good idea final solution styling my hair like an emo and keeping my head down for a considerable amount of time. This not being easy for an already tall girl for her her age 174 cm.

Needless to say I was not one of the popular girls at the early 2000s, my confidence resembled that of a scared rabbit and I spent most of my free time reading and windsurfing.

But back to the virginity issue. Most of my fellow classmates had already lost theirs, and it was never a secret. I was still at the stage that I had not even been kissed. So that summer of 2005 I made a promise to myself. I would become wild – get out of my comfort zone of reading and gain some real life experience with boys. To be honest once my mindset shifted. In one remembered weekend I got kisses by 4 guys and had sex with one (included the guys kiss I kissed)


Kissing it turns out was not that hard, I was at a pool party and apparently my popularity had risen without my teen awareness having registered. That evening 3 guys made attempts and lets say I was more than willing to partake. The experience however, hmm how to put it. Not as expected or how I would imagine for countless of hours in the privacy of my room.

The first guy Georg, was in the pool with me and blatantly stated we should kiss. The experience was of a hyperactive snail making pirouettes in my mouth.


The second guy Fred had seen the snail kiss and asked if we could please do it too. Well, turns out his strategy was less hyperactive thong motion, but he was clearly a an early adaptor of twilight and watching porn. His technique included lots of lip biting, making noises that sounded like my grandfather being successful at cooking his first meal.


The final guy Harry, was quite the catch 2 year my senior. His kisses were nice, soft and deep. Yet, the experience it self when I found out he was also kissing the girl sitting on the other side of him made the whole experience somewhat difficult to define. It was good but I was sharing the moment with two other people.

Losing virginity

But hey, I had been kissed and my spell of being the never kissed girl was broken yay! My confidence grew drastically that Friday night. Much so that on Saturday I was leaving for my summer job and attended a country festival were I meet a nice Icelandic guy Roar with awesome dance moves. I ended up going back to his humble abode.. yes it was humble. It was a messy container with his sleeping bag. Here in this not so romantic place he took my virginity without knowing. But guess what, the experience was quite good. We had sex three times and I knew that, if it gave me this pleasure the first time sex was definitely something I would do more. He knew his way around a female body, used protection and showed me that being naked was nothing to be ashamed. The downside or perhaps why it turned out to be a good experience was that he was 24 thinking I was 16. While I was 16 thinking he was 19… Roar who I worked with the rest of the summer did have more issues with this fact than I. I was overt the moon of finally having lost my v-card, it being pleasurable and not the least a big confidence booster that I the tall awkward girl with toilet paper as boobs was desirable…. so thank you Roar. You have truly shared the way I view sex even now. Fun fact to this date we are still acquaintances, he knows my real age but never knew he took my virginity.

What is the take away? You must be ready to want sex. Sex with a more experienced individual can make the experience more pleasurable. Location wise, it is a good story to tell but not recommendable for longer periods. Sex can and is mostly great.

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