(im)perfect quest for love

Hilarious and flawed stories about my personal dating life

This is not dating or romance related. But may get your mind thinking about something else for a while. Have you ever heard about 9D to 12D music? Until recently I had never heard of it and enjoy my playlist on Spotify with a number of dubious names “new sheise” “music for my dad” for instance. Well, when I was introduced to music in 9D formant, I was kind of mind blown, literally.

You need to listen to this type of music with headphones. And trust me you will not be disappointed. At first I had to actually move my head around to check if no one was making sounds behind or at the side of me. Specially walking outside. I think some people thought I had a stalker… I wish… if he was a attractive, normal guy or even better a young version of Brad Pitt, please do stalk me.

I hope you will enjoy! Below some samples.

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