(im)perfect quest for love

Hilarious and flawed stories about my personal dating life

I was in the process of writing a post about about one of my ex boyfriend – the OCD Man. For him humor and jokes were quite hard to understand. This was quite the obstacle in our relationship, in addition to for instance having to wipe my shoes with a dedicated brush each time I got inside is white spotless BMW. On the subject of the car, he spent every sunday afternoon cleaning the car for 3,5 hours… So yes, it was quite difficult to sustain a lasting relationship. A more in-depth post will be shared later when I have been able to coherently collect my memories about the relationships.

Back to the topic of humor

Enjoying and producing humor are among the most common human activities, attributes that largely define humans and occupy a large part of people’s lives for more read his study Humor is a ubiquitous phenomenon, sought after and enjoyed by individuals of all ages and in every culture in the world. Laughter for instance is universal. Why do you think we have laugher therapy and laugher yoga. Just think about it, how do you feel when you laugh? A sense of relief, energy filling your body…..Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relief from pain.Try not to laugh while watching this compilation. The clip is also in the bottom of the post.

My humor is not that advance and has been compared to that of a pre-teen boy, if I have a particularly bad day I will go on Youtube and google farts, yes it is true. Just watch this fantastic clips.

Humor and sexually attractiveness and intelligence

A good sense of humor is sexually attractive, perhaps because it reveals intelligence, creativity, and other ‘good genes’ or ‘good parent’ traits. A study has shown that showed that general and verbal intelligence both predict the ability to be funny, which in turn predicts mating success, such as lifetime number of sexual partners. Also, men showed higher average humor production ability. So what does this tell us all single women out there? Tinder profile with funny texts, a man that is not tooserious about himself, may be better mating potential than those with just pictures of their abs and petting a tiger. In addition, a sense of humor also is a predictor of intelligence… OK, so the bottom line, funny guys are better than nothing… and perhaps we should be better at “swiping right” on those that show a sense of humor.

However, not to put a downer on the above fact. Older women are more likely to engage in self-enhancing humor, a coping humor style that involves the propensity to see the funny side of life even in adverse and stressful times, compared to the younger women. Evenmore, another study about entertainers’ personality and lifestyle, showed that comedians and humor writers, as well as serious entertainers died younger than individuals who achieved fame in other areas, as documented in the obituaries of Time and Newsweek magazines. It is possible that entertainers, such as comedians, live a more intense life, and are exposed to stress and other risks that could shorten their lives. This stress could also lead them to adopt an unhealthy lifestyle of smoking and drug use that could lead to to an earlier death be detrimental to their health. So perhaps we should ponder do comedians have the last laugh?

Humor and Aging

Selfmade T-shirt, I wear with proud

Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable. Some people try to turn back their odometers. Not me! My theory getting older is that I want people to know ‘why’ I look this way. I’ve traveled a long way and many of the paths weren’t easy, predicable nor paved. Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, wine in one hand, a burrito (or favorite food) in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “WOO HOO what a ride!” Think of it a bit like this, it is not in years you get older but levels you higher. Just like reaching a new level in your favorite iPhone game. Nice right? Oh and by the way i would get this device Amazon Echo Silver Edition. If the link does not work see it in the end of the post

In addition, eventually you will reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it. You can’t stay young forever. That’s just an assumption, because you can be immature for your entire life. Like me, I still love “fart humor”. I once read an interview of a women with the impressive age of 104. What do you think is the best thing about being 104?” the reporter asked. She simply replied, “No peer pressure.”

I believe , this 104 year old woman holds some true wisdom and advice we should all benefit from. Yes, our body changes, things start sagging. Our cells experience shifts with aging. They become larger and are less able to divide and multiply. Among other changes, there is an increase in pigments and fatty substances inside the cell (lipids). Many cells lose their ability to function, or they begin to function abnormally. Around the time the hair on a man’s starts to disappear, it often starts to grow in the strangest places. This can mean large hairs in older guys’ noses and ears. Older women may notice small hairs on their chins. This is all caused by changes in our hormones. Well, I am one of those women, i have this one stubble of hair on my chin every other week, Ohh and let’s not forget nipple hair! Luckily, tweezers do exist. Yet, getting older is called the golden years for a reason. Older women may notice small hairs on their chins. This is all caused by changes in our hormones. Getting older has its advantages besides less peer pressure.

Using what you know and lots of Know-How

For one, you’re good at using what you’ve learned. This is called crystalized intelligence, and it keeps getting better, even when you’re 65 or 70.

Play Well With Others

You’re more in tune with other people’s emotions in your 40s than at any other time in your life.  That insight into how others think and feel can make living with your loved ones easier and help you get along better with your coworkers, too.

Better sex, at least for women

Older women may have sex less often than when they were younger, but apparently they make it count. In a study of women 40 and over, the result showed that sexual satisfaction increases with age. Women over 80 were more likely than those between 55 and 79 to say they were satisfied during sex.

Increased Self-Confidence

Self-esteem soars as you age, studies show, and increases with wealth, education, good health, and employment. It may decrease at age 60 some studies have sugested, yet with society change as rapidly 60 may be the new 40. At least I see this in my dad, he just turned 67 and I have never seen him more content and happy

Aging and the truths about nudity

One of the liberating things about reaching middle age is supposed to be freedom from body fascism . A YouGov survey reported that 21% of people aged 60 and over wear nothing in bed, compared with 6% of 18- to 24-year-olds. There is a photograph by Jeff Walls called The Giant, which is unusual for its subject matter, and if I told you it was a picture of a naked woman of age you probably wouldn’t want to look because nudity is fun, a bit much, and some may even say vulgar, right? Yet when you do look it is impossible not to be taken aback by the beauty of the image. In this topic, I have started sunbathing topless on a beach. I remember my boobs feeling weirdly heavy and wobbly. Now having taken my top of several times, it is empowering, not only feeling less self confident but it is comfortable. Just like taking your bra of after a long day at work. Try it!

Final thoughts while I am aging

Yes, my body has changed. But hey, I am not alone, time does not stay still for anyone, conclusion we all change. Change is good, without change life would be boring. I cannot wait to become retired and be that crazy cat lady that everyone secretly admires…or maybe laugh about. I will go on a cruise and drink gallons of wine, play bingo with enthusiasm, partake in water aerobics while my boobs enjoy the sensation of free floating. I will take advantage of better sex, the feeling of less peer pressure, increased ability to tune into other emotions and of course tell my yet to be mad grandchildren all my flawed dating stories. The only downside of becoming older, I need to buy more tweezers as they tend to disappear just as fast as good men with humorous Tinder profiles.

Back in the day when I went to university I had to take subjects that were not related to my major in Psychology, I choose Dancing. To be honest, I am not a good dancer, and my style is bit like that of Napoleon Dynamite. You may have seen this iconic movie, if not see his dance scene beneath. Surprisingly, this move has scored me several hot encounters with the opposite sex, believe it or not. However, as part of the class we had to create a project were dace was incorporated into another art form. I made a movie, and somehow I think it represents our embarrassment and unwillingness to be naked. The fact is that out gender that is so well hidden behind our cloths is revealed by our nudity. Some of us may even forget gender, because it is so rehearsed into our bodies. But there is always and ideal of wat gender and the body should look like that we can never quite achieve. that being said, I have decided to share the project created in my art class as I am so impressed with the woman that was my model. She embraced her body, proud of her body and her moves were tantalizing. Her willingness to “Skyclad” a term used by naturists to describe going nude, was so liberating. So with that shared and said, watch the her, while I go and practice my dace moves.

Art Dace Project, Embracing the body, move and its nudity

Movie clips

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