(im)perfect quest for love

Hilarious and flawed stories about my personal dating life

I think that being creative can lead to many new opportunities in life. One of them being finding Mr.Right or meeting new people that could end up leading to a date, friendship or a down right proposal. Why?

The English word Creativity comes form Latin term creare “to create, make”. Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new is formed. The created item may be intangible (such as an idea, hobbies or ven jokes.) I have in the recent times ( CORVID-19) experiences that increasing my creativity has been a great asset to keep positive.

I have started this blog and so also sharing the many thoughts, experiences and ideas I have. Taken up drawing, made T-shirt prints, sea swimming (bought a wetsuit and flopping around in the ocean like a beached whale), taking more pictures and even beading… Yes you heard right, beading…. it is actually quite cool how many awesome things you can create. just take a look at this site.

Being more creative is not as simple as it sounds but here are some tips use them bth in writing and speech.

  1. Use the word WHY more. People who often think they know everything do not question.
  1. Say YES and then find out how you could do it.
  2. Use the word AND after Yes. It builds on to your idea to further explore and expand it. Try using the word “And…?” as an open/ended question. When someone, responds with an “and…?” you will force yourself and them to think more.
  3. CAN. Throughout life, you will be told that you cannot or should not do certain things. There are alway many reasons something should not be done. There are policies and procedures and all kinds of thing that could got wrong. Yet, creative people thing about what they can do. Think about why you can do a certain thing not about reasons why you cannot something.
  4. TRY, new ideas. Creativity can not develop unless you give it a go. Experimentation is one of the most powerful methods for generating new ideas.

How to begin?

Be observant and count how many times you used these five words for the next few days. For every time you used one of the five words, give yourself a point. For every time you you used the opposite words ( NO, CANNOT etc.) deduct a point. What did you get at the end? Do this exercise on a regular basis. Our brains are wired such that we want to improve and after a time ( approx. 100 days) it becomes integradet and the process becomes automatic and simple. The more you are aware of the workds, the more your brain will try to use them, you will begin to change your attitude, as such become more creative as a result.

Here are some examples of what I have been spending my days and being more creative. My hope for example is that by wearing the T-shirt design a guy may notice me….and just perhaps even walk up and complement me… ah would that not a dream come true?

New T-shit print desgin, made with fabric paint and markers
T-shirt design made with fabric marker and words from Maza-Dohta
Picture that is edited

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