(im)perfect quest for love

Hilarious and flawed stories about my personal dating life

Why this Blog?

My friends have often described my life and particularly encounters with the opposite sex as amusing, fascinating  and rather provocative. Several  people who have listened to my endless stories have suggested that a reality show staring me in search for a mate would become an instant hit. And go as far as saying that if I am still single by the end of this year they will sign me up for a dating show. My thoughts  are conflicted, being a reality star has never been an ambition of mine and my rise to fame would with high probability decrease any chances of finding Mr.OK.

 I hope my personal stories and post will give you hope, new insights and most importantly a dose of humor that will make you smile. The post based on my personal stories are real but no matter what anyone might think, they are not transparent attempts to publicly mock my dates, exes, enemies or other individuals. (However, I not going to say the thought didn’t cross our minds.) Pseudo names are used for anonymity.

About Me

I have a MSc degree in psychology, love to read and quite fond of statistics. Have lived in seven countries, traveled to over 30 countries and dated men in all sorts and shapes. Live in a flat as single with two fluffy cats. 

Even if my blog post’s may contain more content related for women, I am not a feminist but believe in equality for both sexes. 

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